Master Coaching with Ajit

Master Coaching with Ajit

Master Coaching Podcast with Coach Ajit is a weekly show for any life coach, business coach, health coach, or spiritual coach who desires to impact more lives while creating financial freedom for themselves.

In each episode, Coach Ajit uses psychology, biology, philosophy, and coaching principles to share how you can coach yourself and your clients to create their dream lives. Listen in on real-life coaching sessions around different areas of life, business, and health, and how you can apply those insights to your own coaching business.

If you are ready to take your coaching to the next level, further your coaching career, and live a life of meaning, purpose, and contribution, tune into the Master Coaching with Ajit Podcast.

New episodes every Tuesday.

Recent Episodes

76. 3 Steps To Manifest Your Reality

May 17, 2022

If you're ready to create your dream life and make it your reality, this episode is exactly what you need! In today’s episode, Coach Ajit shares the key principles and steps to manifest your reality. You can use these tools …

75. The #1 Problem with Building a Coaching Business

May 10, 2022

Are you currently at a crossroads where you're having a great career, but you want to build something even greater? Whether you're a new coach looking to grow their coaching business, or a seasoned coach wanting to achieve t…

74. 3 Principles of Coaching with Michael Neill

May 3, 2022

A coach can really coach anyone if they understand the fundamentals of how human beings work, which master coach Michael Neill describes as the "3 principles." In today’s episode, Coach Ajit interviews transformational coach…

73. Coaching Through Fears of Transition

April 26, 2022

Change is always hard. It demands us to adapt and adjust, and sometimes we don't have the right support to go through it. So, how can we build the courage to face our fears of transition and step into a new path in our lives…

72. How To Grow Your Coaching Business By 433% In One Year

April 19, 2022

Is it possible to grow your coaching business almost 4.5X in just one year? Well, yes, and we've got the best case study to prove it!  In this episode, Coach Ajit interviews Abdias E. Garcia, a graduate who grew his own coa…

71. The Perfect Coaching Career

April 12, 2022

Wondering what’s the best way to fast-track your success as a coach? Wait no more - we have the perfect path to kickstarting your thriving coaching career.  In this episode, Coach Ajit shares how he got started in coaching, …