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A few awesome things…

Ajit, you have been pivotal in my journey as a Coach. I read your book “The Book of Coaching” & looped it on audio for a year. Very transformative. I greatly appreciate “no commercials” in your show. I’ve left other speakers bc the commercials & ads really take away from my experience of learning & absorbing the information. You rock 😎


Ajit is very authentic and shares a ton of knowledge in his episodes. So valuable!


Ajit speaks with an authenticity that is infectious. As the graduate of evercoach certification programs. I find his content to be insightful and powerfull in building a beautiful life where my creative drive can truly impact others by bringing balance to creative drive and living in joy .

Just WOW!

WOW. I just listened to the episode with Christy Whitman for the third time in a row because she blew my mind wide open!!!! I’m trained in the Accelerated Evolution processes created by Zivorad Slavinski so I’m very familiar with processing emotions, but the way Christy explained energy and the need to replace the released negative emotions with positive ones gave me an entirely new perspective!! I never really thought about how even the most positive mindset won’t produce the results you want if the negative emotional charge is still present. Just WOW!! Thank you so much for another amazing episode. I will listen again and again! I’m looking forward to graduating from CLC so I can become an Evercoach member and continue learning from Christy!

Metaphors and Distinctions!

I loved the latest podcast on using metaphors and distinctions. The coaching session proceeded so effortlessly and playfully, and it was amazing how easily the coach was able to guide the coachee into a space of lightness, freedom and compassion for herself. Thank you Coach Ajit for sharing this- it was amazing:) Looking forward to more such podcast episodes!

Exceptional wisdom for quick walks!

The evercoach community has done it again! Looking forward to all of the talented wisdom that will be brought in concise, thought-provoking and game changing ideas in our coaching practices. So excited for this!


Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Listening to real coaching sessions is helping me feel better about myself and my coaching. The thoughtful questions and insights and perspectives all help, thanks!

Ajit is a gem!

I find Ajit’s honesty and authenticity to be so refreshing! He’s never trying to be someone else and is 100% who he is. He has a true heart for coaching and creating an impact and I enjoy listening to his pearls of wisdom through this podcast. Thank you, Ajit! :)

A great resource

This podcast is not only a great resource for ways I can help my clients but also forself coaching. Talk about transformational!

Valuable and Authentic

It’s refreshing to find a coaching podcast with such diversity of ideas and philosophies that are explored with a real sense of wonder. Keep up the great work!

High quality brain food

Great podcast for staying in a coaching mindset. We are a product of the people that surround us, so why not be surrounded by the best.


Thanks, Jason, for these great suggestions.

Intimate conversations with successful coaches

After reading “The Prosperous Coach,” it was great to hear Steve Chandler break it down on how he fell into the coaching industry. I love the example of him saying that there’s no such thing as “trucker’s block.” I now consider myself a blue-collared coach. Thanks Ajit for this podcast!!!

The podcast to follow for aspiring coaches

As a new coach this podcast has inspired me and has given me so many tools to apply with my clients and in my business. Excellent podcast to follow for all aspiring coaches out there!

Inspires Action

Each time I listen, I get inspired to move forward and have a new tool to help me!

Guiding me to mastery

After reading “The Prosperous Coach” by. Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, I was elated to see and hear the podcast with him. We have very similar upbringings in the music industry, and to hear how he landed into coaching was inspirational. Thank you for having this podcast Ajit!

The Best Advice!!

I’ve heard a lot of advice on starting a coaching business, but no one really touches on finding your truth and confidence about what you have to say and offer. I’ve been planning for my business and I’ve finally registered it. I’ve done all the possible research there is to prepare but honestly my confidence and truly KNOWING that my voice and life experiences has so much value. Your podcast has somehow given me “permission” to accept that.

Inspiring, Insightful, Motivating EverCoach For Life Advancement

Ajit hosts EverCoach with varied guests each podcast session. The speakers penetrate with ease through varied parts of life hurdles and how to overcome and enhance and redirect ones ideas for personal success and growth. From athletics, business, psychological misconceptions and more Anita Podcasts is an enjoyable experience for anyone.

Insightful information

Listening to Evercoach conversations I get so much useful information and insights about the different aspects of coaching world. I just started listening and so far my favorite episode is with Marisa Peer! I’ve been learning how to rid myself of limiting beliefs that are holding me back and listening the that episode gave me so much insight about the how the things I say dictates how the kind reacts. I’ve also listen Ajit on YouTube as well so much gems he drops as they say I’m so grateful for your teachings.

Informative and encouraging

This podcast has given me the kick i needed to get started. Now I have a little more confidence in myself.

This Podcast has changed my life

I am forever indebted to Ajit for his work at Evercoach. I was immersed into this community as an in-house coach at a Real Estate company. Through Ajit’s work I have taken the steps forward to becoming a full time coach. I would recommend this podcast and Evercoach to anyone 😁

Great podcast!

Ajit always drops a lot of great knowledge and has really helped me grow my coaching business. Thank you!

Great for Coaches

Really appreciating this podcast to help me as a coach. Great people, great focus, important information.

I love their content!

I love evercoach‘s content, their guests and topics. I am a coach myself and currently going through all the topics they‘re discussing. They’re great help going through this journey!

A Must Listen for New Coaches

Ajit produces so much awesome content for up and coming coaches. Just listened to my first podcast of The Evercoach Podcast and I walked away with so many insights plus new mindset shifts to work on. Thank you for providing such valuable content for coaches starting out!


I’ve been around the Evercoach/Mindvalley world for sometime now. I couldn’t think of a better host and guest to help you go deeper and further in your coaching business and personal life!

A must-have podcast for all coaches

It is so crucial to keep the industry up-to-date on the latest trends and motivated to keep putting ourselves out there. This podcast supports this. Thank you!

Fantastic Podcast for Coaches

Ajit always delivers excellent content, and this podcast is no different. If you’re looking for good advice, inspiration, and motivation to make an impact in the world, subscribe to The Evercoach Podcast.

Great Content!

Very helpful tips and tools for both working “in” the business and working “on” the business.