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Helpful podcast

This podcast is really helpful in equipping one with practical skills to be a better coach.

Glad I listened In

This reminded me of myself. I’ve been stuck for a while scared to move forward b/c I thought I would fail but also realizing I am failing b/c I’m not moving forward. The decision to not make a decision is a decision; and it’s not a productive one. Glad I had a listen.❤️❤️❤️

Very Engaging!!

Great topics!! Very engaging!! He keeps you from minute one!! Interesting guests. Good stories

Best podcast for coaches

I am an aspiring coach and just started listening to this podcast. It’s an absolute delight. You must listen to this podcast whether you are a newbie or a pro.

New to podcast

Excited to start my own coaching career! Love this resource and excited to learn and grow myself and begin helping others

Jump start info

This podcast provides very helpful information for both the aspiring coach and the established coach. No matter where you are on your coaching journey, these helpful nuggets will help advance your career

Valuable information

This podcast about content in building a business addressed my fears and eased my mind through perspectives I had never thought of. Feeling more confident in moving forward building content! Wonderful podcast!

Sound is key in an audio format

I would love to give this show five stars, but the sound quality is so bad at times, I can’t. The information is great, the guests are phenomenal, the host is affable. However, I’ve had to rewind so many times just to hear what a guest said. #FixTheAudio #ConsistentAudioLevels

Coaches treasure chest

No matter how you coach or your exact area of expertise or audience niche THIS is the show for your not only your continued education but for effective systems and methods that can be applied to your business TODAY. Having been a coach myself since 2012 I know the power of learning from my peers, but even more so learning from different walks of life and different industries to give me that creative edge my clients value and levels up my business. Thank you, Evercoach and Ajit! -Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC and host of Ever Forward Radio

Great for both new and experienced coaches

I’ve been a coach for 8 years with a business that pivots and adapts to an ever changing market. This podcast has provided great insights and tips that I can implement even with the busiest of schedules. Truly a great listen.

You need this

Ajit is FIRE! This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for and as a coach, I find he’s constantly sharing gems that make such a difference in my life! Thank you for this gift! Subscribing 🙏🏼🔥

Essential for all coaches

I first discovered Ajit by reading his Book of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches. I’m new to the coaching game and between Evercoach’s lessons, Ajit’s talks, and this podcast, I’ve expedited my business’s growth exponentially. Subscribe for grade A content on coaching, creativity, mindset, and more!

This is the podcast you didn’t know you needed!!

When I first saw this podcast I thought “I can’t work another podcast into my life” but after listening to one episode I know this is exactly what I need to be taking in. As a coach, a powerful podcast must go beyond powerful questions and speakers...I needs to move my spirit and I am grateful to have come across this one. 🙏🏼💜

Exceptional wisdom for the quick walks!

The evercoach community has done it again! Looking forward to all of the talented wisdom that will be brought in concise, thought-provoking and game changing ideas in our coaching practices. So excited for this!

A Valuable Podcast For Coaches

Ajit provides informative, engaging and valuable content for coaches and especially for coaches new to this field. I always enjoy his guests that I have seen on his YouTube channel EverCoach and now I get to enjoy more access to great coaches in a podcast. I plan on listening to this while driving and cooking. I’m really growing in my knowledge of coaching and learn new skills every time I listen.